10 Cozy Bedroom Inspos for Your First Apartment

I'm still really amazed that working full-time hasn't sucked the living soul out of me like I imagined it to. Aren't I suppose to hate my life when I get off work and want to do nothing but eat and sleep?

I mean, I definitely don't want to speak on behalf of other people's experiences (and I'm sure it differs within career and company culture) but it's actually crazy how much time I have outside of work now that I'm not spending it studying or doing homework.

When I get off I have a good 6 hours to do whatever I want to do - happy hours, shopping, working out, blogging, serving, whatever.

And because of that, I've had so much more time to actually focus on things I'm interested in and cultivate my passions - like my love for interior design & home decor.

Okay, let me explain: I love everything design. I love looking at the world in a creative way and creating ideas and things that make you feel.  And since I'm living in my first ever grown-up apartment, my design senses have been non-stop tingling.

I DIY-ed my own dresser and finally got my bed last week (it's literally so cute) and now I actually feel like my room is coming together. 

I wanted to share with you some of my current bedroom inspirations that I've been obsessing over. I think I've officially decided I want my bedroom to be very cozy but chic. 

Which is perfect for the season we're entering (hello, fall) but simple enough that it definitely works year round. Think neutral tones, furry rugs, textured blankets, greenery and succulents, wood accents and your occasional calligraphy sprawled on canvas.

Scroll for some of my favorite bedroom inspirations and for some ideas on how to make your room super cozy!



Photo: Tarina Lyell

This gorgeous room is giving me all of the right vibes - especially that Moroccan Tasseled Rug. It's such a trendy piece and I love the texture and coziness it adds. I also am digging how the wooden picture frames tie so well with the mid-century style side table.



insta: @tatiigardner

I am so in love with the layered look of this room. The different textures of the accent pillows and blankets in the same pallet really give this room a sense of coziness and harmony. Not to mention the awesome record player in the corner - so much character!



Photo: Amber Interior Designs

Create a perfect blend by mixing strong patterns and neutral colors. Like this black and ivory striped rug with the light gray and tan creates a chic but cozy atmosphere that makes me want to be posh but also run and cuddle up on that beautiful bed.



The banana leaf and the 3 calligraphy prints really bring this room together creating a sense of harmony and balance. I definitely feel like this room has a very comfortable and relaxing atmosphere which adds to its coziness x10.



Photo: Awesome Home

Furry rugs can definitely bring a room together while adding an extra sense of coziness. I love how the rug in this room helps establish the cute little corner nook. And can you imagine coming home and feeling the soft fur underneath your feet?



insta: @lichipan

Nothing screams "I'M COZY" more than thick crochet blankets. I love love love these chunky blankets and am praying they never go out of style because they can literally turn any normal room into a cozy fluffy cloud.



Okay so personally I'm not a huge fan of twinkle lights, but I've definitely seen a lot of people pull it off and it looks great and adds another sense of coziness to the bedroom. I think I prefer these globe lights over the twinkle ones because they look more mature and not so much like your 16-year-old bedroom. Either way, still a cute look!



I may be saying this because I literally just bought one two days ago, but tufted headboards are the total definition of cozy-chic. Like they're so pinned and tucked and classy and but then they're also upholstered in linen and super comfy so it's like you're living the best of both words. I also love the layered rug look.



insta: @amoreauthenticlife

You can never go wrong with some plants or greenery in your room to brighten up the space! This room did an amazing job using cacti to bring character but other plants/succulents (real or faux, we don't discriminate) could work just as well! I also am loving the vibrant pop of color against the white bed, very Monte Carlo.



Photo: Avenue

Literally loving the entire vibe of this room. The worn wooden side tables really pull the bright coral and blush pink shades together to create such a beautiful warm harmony. And this picture is screaming for me to cuddle up in that blanket.



Photo: Trending Dirt

Not gonna lie, this entire room is a mood. Normally, I think that too many things on your wall can make it feel less cozy and more cluttered, but I love how this room balanced it out with a simple white duvet. Overall, flowers or not, I'm climbing in that bed and taking a bite of that croissant.



Photo: Urban Outfitters

Who says you even need a bed frame? Okay, maybe your chiropractor, but some sacrifices will have to be made in the name of coziness. This entire room is giving me lazy Sunday afternoon vibes and I am 100% here for it.

If you want to see more of my bedroom inspiration, check out my Pinterest.

But that's all I have for you today, bumblebees.

Stay cozy,

The Corporate Queen


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We love because He first loved us.


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