6 Last Minute Gift Ideas That She'll Actually Use


If you're anything like me, you probably promised yourself that you wouldn't wait until the last minute to start your Christmas gift shopping (like you did last year... and the year before).

And yet here you are. A day before Christmas with a few more people still on your list. (And now we can't even blame it on our broke college student budget).

But have no fear!

With so many people to shop for, I know it can get a little tricky figuring out the perfect gift for your loved ones (or not so loved ones - for those of you attending Gift Exchange parties), so I decided to make it 10x easier for you! 

These gifts are perfect for anyone from your favorite co-worker, to your family friend. The great thing is that most of these gifts are super simple and can be found at your local Target, which not only saves you time but gives you a perfect excuse to make an impromptu Target run (because who isn't obsessed with that big red store of goodness?)


*Disclaimer* If you have received any of the items below from me, please don't think your gift were just thrown together last minute. Because they weren't and I love you. K bye x



Here's the deal - accessories as gifts can really be your best friend.  1. There's a wide variety of types to choose from and 2. They're so easy to find (literally in any of your favorite stores, including the ultimate "HELP, CHRISTMAS IS TOMORROW" store aka Target).  The key is to choose accessories that don't really depend on the person's physical qualities. My go-to gift-giving accessories are simple necklaces or classic dangly earrings. I stay away from rings because I'm too lazy to try to guess finger sizes and sunglasses because it's hard to determine what would look best with their face shape. I've also found that the simpler the accessory is, the more likely it will fit right into your person's taste. So leave the leopard print clutch for your own personal shopping trip.

If you're having trouble selecting what type of accessory to get, let me make it easy: Scarves. Comfy scarves.

 Scarves are so simple but have so many benefits: warmth, coziness, and style. Aim for a fluffy scarf in a neutral palette so that it has a higher chance of matching with the rest of their wardrobe. Think cremes, blacks, greys, whites, tans, etc. 

Note: if you're buying a gift for a more professional relationship (ie. your boss or your favorite coworker) it's recommended to stay away from jewelry and other types of accessories because they may come off as too personal.  So just keep that in mind and be smart with what you're buying and the person you're buying it for. 

Best places to get accessories/scarves:  Target, H&M, Old Navy, Francesca's, Marshall's, Kohls, TJMaxx, Anthropologie, Altar'd State, DSW

Price point: $10 - $15


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Yes, I know, we all have heard of Lush and their famous 2016 bath bomb palooza, but I promise you - this place is prepared for your holiday frenzy. Lush, a handmade beauty and cosmetics store, is a perfect gift for anyone that has some remote interest in their hygiene. It's handmade, it's fresh, and they actually have really great products other than bath bombs.

The store is filled with caring employees ready to help you choose the best mask for your best friend and shelves lined with already prepared (and wrapped!) gift box sets with a variety of best-selling products. Plus the store smells great and they give you free samples. 

If you're like me and you've never stepped into a Lush before, no worries. Just let someone know you're new, and trying to find a gift for someone. The lady that helped me had me describe my person's personality, and then we chose products together! It was such a fun experience that was both efficient and fast. I think I was in and out of there in less than 12 minutes! 

Price point: $15+ 



 Anthropologie: Candlefish Ceramic Candle 


I've actually never met anyone in my life that's not into candles. Candles are a winner for-sure, and have never steered me wrong. Sometimes it can be tricky on finding the perfect scent so here's what I always rely on: stay away from any extremes.

That means the overly sweet scents that make people want to throw up or the super forest-y scents that make you feel like you're living with a man made out of pine-wood. The best thing is to keep it simple.

Either get a warm, slightly sweet smelling candle, or a light floral-scent one. The White Barn classic is my perfect go-to when it comes to gift giving. It's a classic vanilla that's not overbearing and just right. 

So keep your Caramel Sugar Cream Pie candle for your mom.

Best places to get candles:  Target, Bath & Body Works, White Barn, Yankee Candle, Francesca's, HomeGoods, Marshalls, Ross, Anthropologie

Price point: $7 - $24


Anthropologie: "Just My Type" Mug


Coffee mugs are great gifts with some reservation. If you're planning to go to Walmart and pick up the first mug you see, don't bother. That's cheap and unclassy and will make you look like a bum that didn't even try. We don't like bums.

Instead, get a nice quality mug that's either humorous, inspiring, or just simply beautiful. You can find all of the above at Target. Seriously.

Extra points if you can get it with their first name initial on it - everyone is naturally obsessed with themselves so they'll love it even more.

Best places to get mugs: Target, Francesca's, HomeGoods, Marshalls, TJMaxx, Anthropologie

Price point: $3 - $15


 Anthropologie: Monogram Journal


If the person you're buying a gift for is more on the creative side, they'll definitely love this. I've never met a creative that doesn't appreciate a good notebook. But if you're going to pick this out, you gotta pay attention to the detail of it. Look at the type of notebook it is (points for moleskin or a look-a-like) and the design of the inside. It can be a bullet journal, gridded, or lines. I personally think bullet journals are really neat and unique gift, because it gives the writer the ability to create whatever they want.

You can also get a fancy planner. For some reason, people love fancy planners even if they barely use it. Once again, our favorite plug, Target, has some amazing planners by BlueSky that are actually reasonably priced ($10).  Throw in some cute pens for good measure.

Best places to get journals: Target,  Anthropologie, Walmart, Michaels, Hobby Lobby

Price Point: $10 - $20


Screen Shot 2019-07-22 at 11.37.22 PM.png


Chocolate (aka a girl's best friend) always makes a great gift. Just make sure if you decide to go this route you're not stopping by Kroger to pick up a Hershey's bar (which is fake chocolate by the way). You definitely need to make sure you're picking up something that says, "Hey, thanks for being awesome. Merry Christmas!" without necessarily breaking the bank. One of my favorites that I recently ran into is Sugarfina. They're a chic gourmet candy store that's all over the United States, and they put their candy in the cutest acrylic boxes that make them look all fancy and expensive. 

A few other honorable mentions: Lindt Lindor, Godiva, Dove. This Bustle article goes over the 11 Best Assorted Boxes Of Chocolates To Give As Gifts. 

Best places to get gourmet chocolate: Target, Sugarfina stores, Walmart,  Kroger, Ross, Marshalls, TJMaxx

Price point: $5 - $25



If all else fails, you're seriously running out of time, or you simply just don't feel like looking for anything, you could always cop out and go with the classic Gift Card.

Hey, we've all done it. No judgement here.

Plus, you can always get them a better gift next year when you start your Christmas shopping earlier. *wink wink*

Best places to get gift cards: Target, Anthropologie, HomeGoods (if they're in to home decor), H&M, Zara, Sephora or Ulta (for beauty lovers)

Price point: If you choose to do a gift card, give them at least $25.00.


 That's all I have for you today, lovebugs! If you have anymore last minute gift ideas to add to the list, comment below! I love hearing your suggestions. 

Happy Gifting!

- The Corporate Queen


Proverbs 11:25 

25 A generous person will prosper; whoever refreshes others will be refreshed.


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