3 Unlikely Things to Look for in Your Next Apartment

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I’m officially neck deep in the apartment search category, and it is absolute chaos.

Okay, I may be acting slightly dramatic, but it definitely has reached those moment. It’s so easy to get so lost in the search, that you actually miss things that matter just as much.

When it comes to your apartment search, it’s easy to pinpoint obvious things like location (city girl or suburban living?), price (stretch that dollar or live it up?) and finishes (stainless-steel or whatever-it-comes-with?, but what about the things that aren’t as easy to remember? And you may even take it as far to even think about important things like how far your commute will be, if your rent includes utilities, or you have to get it additionally, but what about the things you forgot to think about until you signed? Of course, these things aren’t absolute deal breakers, but they’re great to consider and can be a differentiating factor between your two favorite apartments. Plus, let’s be honest. There there are things that are v important that you may not realize until the lease is signed and it’s a bit too late (aka you have to pay hella $ to break it). So here’s 3 unlikely things to consider when searching for your next apartment.

what direction is your window facing?

Okay, I have a lot to say about this topic - and not just because I’m some type of window connoisseur (which if that was a real thing, I definitely would be). More because I love a good warm light shining into the room.

Windows are the beautiful accessory that you didn’t pay for but can seriously either make or break your apartment. How, you ask? Well, that’s totally up to what you like.

If you’re into a lot of natural light and bright apartments (like myself), then having a window that’s too smalll or facing the wrong direction can lead to a dark and sad place. On the contrary, if you don’t like too much direct sunlight, then the wrong location of the window can lead to an overlit (and warm space). Sadly, a lot of people don’t realize that the entire look and feel of an apartment can change solely based on their windows until it’s too late. Let’s talk about 3 things to consider when looking at the windows of the apartment

  1. What direction are the windows facing? Just like the sun sets from the East to the West, the sun shines into an apartment differently at different parts of the day. East/West facing windows tend to be the brightest in the morning/evening, respectively, and the light will be more of a warm golden tone. While South/North facing windows will have more of a cooler-toned. South facing windows have direct sunlight bc of the way the sun rotates, and tend to be the brightest during the day. North facing windows tend to not have much direct sunlight at all, and therefore have more of an even (though darker) lit room. North facing windows are perfect for people that don’t like too much direct sunlight (ie. people that work from home).

So which direction should you window face?

  1. How many windows are in the actual apartment?

  2. Are there any major streets/highways near my window? The direction the window is facing. Sun is different based on direction

    The number of windows and location of them are very important.

Also if your window is close to a major highway or street, be aware that there will be noise, or there could be light shining in at night

is there enough Storage?

I can’t even express how much storage is looked over when getting an apartment. Of course, this definitely differs based on where youre located (think NY vs. TX) but if you have a lot of things, it’s imperative that you check out the storage situations. You would be surprised how many apartments don’t have simple things like a pantry in the kitchen to store your non-perishable food items, or a closet. Check the cabinets of the space in the kitchen and bathroom to see if you have ample space to store your belongings. Some apartments have the option to rent out storage units, which could also be a great option. Once again, not a total deal-breaker, but it would be disappointing if you found out that the apartment you so dearly loved had one tiny closet to hold all of your stuff.

In case you’re in a space that doesn’t have that much storage, check out these below.

what’s the parking situation?

A super underestimated thing that a lot of people don’t consider is visitor parking. I have been in too many situations where visiting parking was literal hell on earth (I’m talking 6 visitor spots for 350+ resident building) and it made the percentage of me wanting to go over there 1000%. Unless you want to be that friend who has a apartment that everyone doesn’t want to visit because they’re scared they’ll get towed, this is definitely something you should check out before you sign.

  1. How is parking for a resident? Is it garage? Is it assigned? Street parking? Open lot? First come, first serve? Look at reviews to see if there are a lot of complaints directed towards finding a spot.

  2. Visitor parking - if you wanted to have guest come over, where would they park? Overnight parking? If you love having gatherings and there are only 6 visitor spots for a 400 unit apartment, that may be something you want to consider.