Why I Internet-Ghosted for the Past 3 Months


If you’re reading this…

…then that means Corporate Queendom 2.0 has officially launched! *happy dance* Wa-hooooo!

Y’all, I am literally crying tears of joy because this has been such a long project in the making. I’ve been off the grid for the past two months while I worked to get this baby back up and running, and I can’t believe how good it feels to be back.

To have my own space that I can create and connect in. To have a platform that’s a breath of fresh air, where my words can meet you and greet you, and everything in between. To have a space dedicated to authenticity, the ups and the downs, the highs and lows and the wine glass refills.

Ok ok, enough with the poetics, but I seriously missed this so much. I realized that a lot of my perfectionism in creating this new site was tucked away in the fear of criticism.

What was a fun passion project suddenly turned into a platform for others to judge me on – (which was 100% inaccurately-based) and caused me to overthink every single thing. I convinced myself that I couldn’t be gone so long and not have anything to show for it, so I worked and stressed and unhealthily obsessed until I (at one point) gave up entirely.

And to be quite honest…

Corporate Queendom was dead for a little bit.  

And it made me sad. It really did, especially because I was partly responsible for killing it. But I think it had to die so I could remember why I gave birth to it in the first place. Why I loved it so much and why I take time to create. And I realized, it’s for these exact moments.

For the hectic work days and side passion projects. For the rollercoaster journeys of self-awareness, big-girl decisions, and adulting mistakes we laugh at later. For the second glass of rose, cheesy Netflix rom-coms, and overpriced face masks.

For all of it. 

And so I decided, I could either spend time beating myself up about this accidental hiatus or I could show up again and be vulnerable.

So I did (after a very convincing phone call with Tristan in which I was crying and he basically helped me re-ignite my purpose. Seriously love that dude).

I decided to show up and finish the website and finish my posts, and I’m so happy I did. Sometimes done is better than perfect, and sometimes it’s important to take time and be nice to yourself.

I love this blog, I remember why it matters to me, and honestly, I love being on this journey with you guys.

So here we are. Back in action - with a brand new website and a mind full of thoughts I’ve been dying to share.

a very over-due life update:

So much has happened in these past three months, all which I’ve tried to share as much as possible on insta. But things move fast, and among my swift summer weekend vacations, speckled Instagram posts, and fun yet quick Instagram stories, there’s still so much to discuss. 

Summer is officially over, and it’s a bit bitter sweet. I imagined my Summer 2019 to play out so differently, but I’m not too disappointed in how it actually turned out. I had a lot of good memories, filled with fun weekend trips, ice-cream treats on hot days, and a lot of great sun dress moments. So overall, I give the second adult summer of my entire life a strong 8/10. Would def recommend.

What’s the tea @ work?

In case you haven’t gotten the chance to read my blog post where I am in complete shambles, I’ll sum it up for you: my boss, mentor, and pretty much favorite person in the corporate world, left my firm. And in the midst of me dealing with work bff heartbreak, I’m learning how to handle two jobs at once.

So, at work my life looks like me running around trying to learn my boss’ job, while continuing the job that I actually do, while continuing to build colleague rapport and keep my sanity.

Believe it or not, it’s actually been not too bad. At some moments it’s fun, at other moments, it’s not. But that’s the thing – they’re moments. You experience them, and then they go. And then at the end you sit back and look at all your moments and wish you cherished every single one of them, regardless if they were good or bad. I’m excited on what’s to come, and am currently learning so much. But I’m just so thankful that I have such a good group of people at work I can depend on.  

And honestly, I know once I get the hang of things, I’ll look back at my initial freak out and think, “if only you knew”.


Other important things:

I officially moved out of my apartment and into the humble abode of my sister and brother-in-law. It’s been fun and full of Billions marathons and Chick-fil-A runs. And believe it or not, my hour commute to work hasn’t even been that bad (I think it helps that I’m not in traffic, so I’m just cruising and enjoying the latest podcast).  

In other news, I’m currently in the midst of searching for my next home. It’s been a little hard to find a place I actually like in my budget (smh Houston), but I have my eye on a super adorable place and am just watching for the price to go down. But don’t worry, my current living situation does not equate to any less Home content (I got you, girl).

I’m also currently in the process of looking for a new car, since Sophia Allen hung up her tires a couple of weeks ago (RIP). So that’s been fun. And by fun I mean absolutely horrible. Mainly because I’m a girl that likes quality things for a cheap price, sigh (read: frugal). 

Aaaaand, that’s pretty much all that you’ve missed in the past couple of months. (For some reason I seem so busy, but I swear my life is more boring than it actually comes across). Either way, no complaints. Things will come in time, and each day is newer than the other. Thanks for giving me a reason to keep going. 

Because she’s back and she’s better than ever.

Much love,
The Corporate Queen

For the New Beginnings

Ecclesiastes 3:11
He has made everything beautiful in its time. He has also set eternity in the human heart; yet no one can fathom what God has done from beginning to end.

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