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Girl, put your armor on.

When embarking on a new journey, it's always important for a creative girl boss to be prepared. So whether you’re starting a new career, launching your own business, or simply dealing with daily life struggles, here are resources I've curated over time that have helped me conquer some of my biggest mountains.

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Curated resources to help in your career and business.

need help job-hunting?

Looking for a full-time job? Creative Circle is a resource that connects creatives with businesses or companies looking to hire for certain positions. When you send your application through Creative Circle they will keep it on file and if an opportunity comes that matches your experience, they will reach out and connect you! And it’s free!

If you are in the midst of a job search - do not sleep on This helpful resource does not only give you a hub of companies/organizations hiring in your field, but will also send you new job opportunities directly to your inbox if you create an account and let them know what you're looking for. It also has easy apply for some companies which means you only have to submit your app to Indeed once and you can apply to various jobs with a click of a button! (So easy, go do it!)

paycheck calculator?

Wondering how much $$ will hit your bank account? This is helpful paycheck calculator will help you calculate how much you'll get per paycheck after your health benefits, 401k , and taxes have been taken out. A total life-saver!

negotiating your salary?

Got your first job offer? You go, girl! Next step - negotiate. PayScale will look at your past experience, location, position offered, and company to help determine if your offer is actually equal to your worth and if you should negotiate or not. This blog is also one of the reasons I was able to negotiate my first salary. A must-read for any career.

need some financial literacy?

Not sure where to start with your finances? The Financial Diet has an abundant amount of information on how to become financially savvy, such as budgeting, living with debt, and investing. They also have a very resourceful section about your career, such as finding a job, negotiating, career changes, and work/life balance. Overall the holy-grail of a girl in her career.

girl boss resources

If you're a girl entrepreneur in Houston then you need to connect with HTX Boss Babes, quick! They’re an organization empowering girl bosses all over Houston. They also host these really cool events that your company can be a vendor for! Definitely worth a it to check it out. 




curated resources to help you live your life.


Relationship problems?

Take a seat. Check out this life-changing series on relationships by Pastor Michael Todd. He breaks down exactly why your relationship is crumbling (or about to) and what you can do to fix it. This is something that you need in your life and I promise you will not be the same after listening to it. Seriously. Check it out here or listen to the podcast here!  

Hate keeping up with the news?

That stops today. The Skimm is a millennial girl boss newsletter that comes in your inbox every morning with the latest news in a cool, concise, and easy to understand way (they also have a great sense of humor). Use this link to subscribe, today!

Houston-living? read this.

If you live in Houston and are not following this blog, It’s Not Hou it’s Me, you're really missing out. These two girls give you the details on every hot spot you want to know about in Houston. They also have these Newstonian Guides that give you the know-all about your own neighborhood - perfect if you're moving apartments or just wanting to know more about your area in general.



Curated resources to help strengthen your faith.


Youversion App

Also known as the Holy Bible app, this app allows you to have any version of the Bible you want directly at your fingertips. In addition, there's an entire library of devotionals that vary on topic, length, and even medium (there are a few video-based). You can even do Bible studies with another person virtually! 

First 5 App

Need a new morning devotional? Check out First 5, an app for women that creates life-giving devotionals to help you focus on the Lord as early as the first five minutes of your day. 

 They have a variety of devotionals covering all different books of the Bible and break it down in such a digestible yet faith-challenging way. Download the app here


Hope City

If you're in Houston and looking for a home church, definitely check out Hope City. The main pastor, Jeremy Foster, has a great sense of humor and will definitely keep you on the edge of your seat (in a good way!) yet speaks so much truth it will have you really looking deep into yourself.  Definitely worth a watch - check out one of my favorite sermons here.

She Reads Truth

She Reads Truth is another online community of women coming together to read, worship, and grow in Christ. They offer everything from devotionals, to study bibles, to inspiring phone wallpapers with verses. For this site you may have to pay to gain certain access to devotionals.


The Study Bible for Women

If you're looking for a study bible to use - this is the one I have! It offers so much commentary and insight for each chapter and even provides a timeline so you can truly follow the stories. The commentary is also geared specifically towards women which is super helpful.


Girl Boss Reads

Curated reads for the girl boss looking to expand her mind.

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