about corporate queendom


corporate queendom is an authentic lifestyle blog ABOUT THE work heels and THE weekends…

It’s the refined beginnings of a blossoming career with the rough edges of navigating the adult world. It's the art of meal prepping and choosing to go to Chipotle anyway. It's admiring both trashy tabloids and Forbes 30 Under 30.

It's loving the idea of happy hours but also the freedom to drive straight home. It's moving from Moscotos to wines you forget the names of and from roommates to one-bedroom apartments. It's not wincing when you spend a $100 but also being able to live off of $11. 

But most importantly, it’s whoever you are right now and who you’re becoming… and it's taking time to share those thoughts and memories with someone who might need it one day. 

Welcome to Corporate Queendom.