13 Things to Do For Your Next Adult Girl Summer


So I know I already gave you all the tea on why I completely internet-ghosted for the past 3 months, but I definitely feel like there’s still so much to be said. Even though I was MIA on the blog, so many (very fun!) things happened in between May and now, and I feel like I owe you a summer recap before we fully launch into pumpkin latte season and hot girl summer because a distant memory. Now, while I could drone on and on about what I was up to, I thought it’d be more fun to show you.

Because who doesn’t love a great Hot Girl Summer montage?

The CQ Hot Girl Summer 2019 Recap

Austin, tx for the Fourth of July

Spent the weekend celebrating ‘murica and fireworks with my college roommate and fraternity brothers! Literally had so much fun and dressed like a step mom about to go on a boat.


a vineyard for a wine tasting!


a nearby plant nursery


hiking on


I had a really fun corporate girl shoot with Kendra.

a butterfly garden with Aisha.


a 90s party!

I went to my third Create & Cultivate Style Summit

I brunched… a lot.

I went to my best friend’s wedding!!

… and drank a lot of Starbucks.

Plus, I went to a lot of Blogger Events…

… like this Tulum Inspired one hosted by Kiran.

… and this cute dessert one hosted by Vannesa.

… and this festival one (coined Babechella).

I was on a podcast.

I also excessively brunched.

And then I turned 24.

Overall, I’d say this summer was a fun-loving, sun-basking, golden-hour success. Of course, I had extremely unglamorous moments that I’m not mentioning for obvious reasons (like that one time I was in the office till 8pm on a Friday and cried).

But ya know, thus is life. Even in the midst of my life slightly falling into pieces (aka work bff heartbreak, moving out of my apartment, and losing my car) I still had so much fun this summer. Honestly, when I take a step back and look at my life as a whole, I realize how much God allows my amazing moments to off-set the terrible ones. And even though in the moment, things really suck, I know it will pass. And honestly, that’s what makes life so beautiful.

Ta-ta for now,
The Corporate (Summer) Queen

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