Excuse Me, How Do I Decor?


a rant: home decor is cancelled

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My mind is literally buzzing at a mile a minute. 

I think the coolest thing about being a corporate babe is that so far I've seemed to maintain a pretty good work-life balance. 

I go to work and focus on work from 9 to 5 and then when I leave I get to tackle all of my other fun projects and hobbies like this blog, and painting, and serving at church, and happy hours, and connect groups, and attempting to decorate an apartment I haven't moved into yet.

That last one is causing me so much stress.

I am literally obsessed with design, which means that I am equally intrigued with interior design. I actually love home decor shows and youtube channels, and instagrams, and blogs, and Pinterest boards and you would think with all this dedicated enthusiasm I would know exactly how I want to decorate my own space.


I actually have no idea what I'm doing, and its both fun and terrifying at the same time. I mean, this is my first real space. 

Yeah, I've had my own room in college, but that was college and I was in a dorm with not much lee-way. My kitchen was pretty much my bedroom.

But me and my roommate finally found an apartment we love and put down the deposit yesterday and I've been buzzing with excitement ever since and spending every free moment I have looking for furniture and spending amp-less amounts of time at Ikea and trying to just figure this whole decorating thing out and I'm honestly just going in circles.

How do all of the home decor professionals just know how to put stuff together? 

Every time I'm watching Fixer Upper and Joanna picks out a piece of furniture I'm like "YES! You did that. I couldn't have chose a better piece. Kudos. You the girl. We are one."

But when I go to the furniture store by myself I'm like "how do you spell decor¿"

Corporate Queendom Home Decor Cancelled

Where does a fresh post-grad who has never in her life owned her own apartment even start? 

The living room? Should I find a coffee table to match my couch or should the coffee table be the last of my concern? Should I be worried about the TV stand? Or the side table? Or the rug? 

Or does the rug just compliment all of the mentioned pieces? 

What about my bedroom? Is matching your bed frames, drawers and side tables still a thing? I don't think it is, but why are there so many good deals with matching sets?! And what type of mattress do I buy? 


And what about my kitchen? I need a dining table right? Where can a girl get a cute farm-house style table without spending $600? 

And what about this cute letter "M" I found at Michael's? It's absolutely adorable and I want to buy it but what if I end up changing my entire decor style and don't even use it?

Wait... what even is my decor style?

Oh geez. Yeah, home decor is cancelled. 

Officially done. Zip. Zilch. This is way too complicated and confusing. I have no idea where to begin so I've come to a simple conclusion: I won't start. 

I'm taking the "DECOR" section off of this blog and just gonna live out of moving boxes for the rest of my life. My Pinterest board, my saved Wayfair room idea designs, my paint chips from Home Depot - cancelled.

... As soon as I'm done with this episode of Fixer Upper. Then it's cancelled for real.

I mean it.

Don't be like me,

- Corporate Queen

John 14:1

Do not let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God; trust also in me.


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